Although Nubex Exchange website is working fine for both buyer and seller, we are still in massive development phase to bring the best experience to the users. Below are some of the developments which are still in progress:


Ver 1.1. Instant Messaging - Buyer and seller will receive updates on their purchase and sell via Telegram instant messaging apps. Ver 1.1. More FAQ’s - We will add more guide, information and tutorial on how to navigate the website.
Ver 1.2. Mobile Site - This will be the most pressing and critical update for the website as majority of Nubex website users use mobile version to make purchase. Currently browsing using the mobile will redirect you to desktop view.
Ver 1.2. Credit Card purchase - a new module for credit card purchase will be added.
Ver 1.3. Chart
Ver 1.4. Chart

Buyer Centre

Ver 1.1. Sort by premium
Ver 1.1. Summary page
Ver 1.1. Powerbuyer site
Ver 1.1. Mini cart auto price refresh
Ver 1.2. Read more - Enhanced product description
Ver 1.2. Migration of old order
Ver 1.3. Auto detect address information by postcode

Seller Centre

Ver 1.1. Automatic price refresh
Ver 1.1. Spot price at Seller Centre
Ver 1.1. Product Sorting
Ver 1.1. Add footer
Ver 1.1. Email notification to seller
Ver 1.1. Move next page icon top
Ver 1.2. Seller withdrawal
Ver 1.2. Adding USD value for pricing the product
Ver 1.3. Redesign of seller centre page
Ver 1.3. Commission - product commission pricing shows when selecting product to sell
Ver 1.3. Pricing AI