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Although gold coins were traditionally used the main form of currency in older civilisations, it has recently been enjoying a revival of sorts. Far even beyond the usual commemorative coins minted by many organisations that are then sold to largely to collectors.

While Nubex mints its own 1 Dinar gold coin, alongside a number of commemorative gold and silver tokens, a number of world governments also mint their own gold bullion coins annually for investments and hedging against bad times or inflation by citizens.  Some of these even indicate a legal-tender denomination on a face to allow holders to spend them, generally for prices far below the actual price of the precious metal contained.

Examples of bullion coins in circulation are the Chinese Golden Panda, the Australian Gold Nugget, the Malaysian Kijang Emas, and of course, most famously, the South African Krugerrand introduced in 1967.

Some Muslim governments have also started minting gold dinars to revive the historical coin used by early islam. Though chiefly limited to circulation within the country of issue, and though not always legal tender, these coins are often used for various Islamic purposes. One outlier, the Kelantan government, goes as far as allowing their dinars to be used in everyday transactions within the state.