Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Q: How to buy?

A: Please refer to our Terms and Conditions


Q: What is the duration to make the full settlement after placing an order?

A: Please go to our Payment Policy page for further details.


Q: How to make payments?

A: Please go to our Payment Policy page for further details.


Q: What happen after I have made a payment?

A:  Upon receiving complete proof of payment, your order will be updated and you'll be notified via email regarding the new status of your order. Please bear in mind that this process is not immediate and will only happen during office hours. Therefore all payments made after office hours or during weekend will likely be updated on the next available working day.


Q: Is it safe to courier my goods?

Please refer to Delivery page for more information.


Q: What will happen if I don’t pay within 24 hours?

A: We reserve the right to cancel your order if we do not receive full payment within 24 hours (working day). Your account could be blacklisted should this occur. 

Q: Can I cancel my order?

A. Please be aware cancelation of order is strictly prohibited. We have the full discretion to continue or terminate future business transaction with those who cancel their orders.


Q: How to become an agent?

A: We do not appoint any agent to sell our product anywhere. We only sell our product either from our web-store or from our gallery at MSQ, Damansara Perdana.


Q: How do I sell to you?

A: You can lock-in buyback price by yourself anytime, anywhere, by visiting our BUYBACK page.


Q: Can I sell other types of  gold/silver to you?

A: We buy all gold type and silver bullion not limited to the one that we sell. If you wish to sell, please come to our office and we will thoroughly check your product and determine how much we can offer. Payment will be made either by bank transfer or Cash, whichever is convenient to us.


Q : Can I sell my gold/silver before it is delivered to me? 

A: At any time after you have fully paid for your order, even if it's before you've received delivery of your bullion, you can sell your order back to us at the prevailing market rate.


Q: Where is your office?

A: Please refer to About Us page.


Q: Is it true that you don’t receive scratched, dented, open packaging gold and silver?

A: We receive any type of gold and silver, as long as they are genuine. However, we have set a different category of item conditions. Below is the guideline:

  • A+ = Brand new direct from mint.
  • A = Like new condition. Item is pre-owned but condition remains intact. All original packaging.
  • B = Good condition. Item is pre-owned but remains in good condition. Show slight signs of wear and limited scratching.
  • C = Acceptable condition. Item is pre-owned in acceptable condition. It may include deep scratches or noticeable dents.
  • D = Item is pre-owned with both heavy scratching and dents and without certificate/certiliner.


Q: Why your price is cheap as compared to others?

A:  The real question is “Why others sell more expensive?”. Our pricing is based on the international spot price and is updated every minute. So why buy from others?


Q: So if your price is lower as compared to others, how about the quality?

A: Gold is gold. It is recognized by purity and weight. At Nubex, we only sell those that have passed certified quality standards. It is not surprising why most of our products come from the most prestigious mints and refiners such as PAMP Suisse (Switzerland), Perth Mint (Australia), Emirates Gold (Dubai), Scottsdale, Johnson Matthey, Silvertowne, OPM, NTR Metals (USA), Maple Leaf (Canada), Brittania (UK), and many others. We welcome all of our customers to check our product at any designated and qualified assayer to determine the purity and weight. Should there be any discrepancies from what it is claimed, we will be more than happy to give a full refund to you.


Q : Is the price shown accurate?

Prices shown are generally believed to be accurate. However, in the event of an electronic or computer error affecting pricing; we reserve the right to cancel the transaction.