Ian Tai

Ian Tai is an ACCA Graduate and has been investing in Gold & Silver since 2010. Inspired by a quote made by Donald J. Trump, ‘What’s the point of having great knowledge and keeping it to yourself?’, Ian’s mission is to share his knowledge and research to anyone who is interested in achieving financial security and preserving wealth specifically on investing in precious metals. Ian has also written several books on his passion of precious metal investments. The first one, Silver published in 2011 speedily climbed its way to be the 7th bestselling book in Finance category in October 2012. He has recently written a book, entitled, Gold marking his appearance as a local English author but also marks his debut Chinese-speaking booktalk at BookFest.

  1. 5 Key Takeaways of the Silver Market in 2017

    5 Key Takeaways of the Silver Market in 2017
    If you ask me, ‘Ian, if you like to start investing in precious metals today, which of the two would you consider buying first? Is it gold or silver?’ My answer is silver. Why? Is it because it is cheaper than gold? Yes. But, it is not the main reason. Personally, I’ve learnt that silver has better investment qualities than...
  2. 5 Key Takeaways of the Gold Market in 1H 2017

    5 Key Takeaways of  the Gold Market in 1H 2017
    You may ask: - Is this a good time to buy gold? - Or, is this a good time to sell gold? - How do I assess the gold market today? For a start, I believe we must understand the relationship between demand, supply and prices of gold. They are interrelated. For instance, high demand and low supply of gold...
  3. Really, Are You Investing in Gold? … or you thought so

    Really, Are You Investing in Gold? … or you thought so
    In 2008, we had the Global Financial Crisis. Stocks tanked. Gold rose rapidly. It has ignited a global rush to get the yellow metal. This includes central banks, billionaires, and millions of individual investors worldwide. After all, gold is regarded as a safe haven against a plausible economic disaster in the near future. This rush has also caught up in...
  4. Screw the Scammers, Save Your Ringgit

    Screw the Scammers,  Save Your Ringgit
    Today, we are living in challenging times. Gone are the days when job security brings financial security. Millions realized that it now takes more than a fixed salary to get ahead financially. Thus, many begin to seek for investment opportunities to create additional sources of income and to build wealth. Regrettably, there is an emergence of con artists to deceive...
  5. Is Silver Undervalued?

    Is Silver Undervalued?
    Today, Warren Buffett is acclaimed to be one of the greatest investors in the world. He has inspired millions around the globe to adopt value investing as the core principle of investing. Many are profiting and have built long-lasting wealth investing in the stock market through this principle.   I’m included. Personally, beyond stocks, I believe value investing is a...
  6. Positioned for Gold

    Positioned for Gold
    To all Malaysians, This is unprecedented. We are experiencing the greatest wealth transfer the world has ever seen. Interestingly, would you believe, if I say, our country is situated right at the heartbeat where this epic shift of wealth is taking place? Malaysia? Yes. Am I kidding? Nope. Today, as I write, gold is flowing in our direction. It is...
  7. A casual chat with my Singaporean auntie

    A casual chat with my Singaporean auntie
    Hi, I’m Ian. I’m a Malaysian. And my mom is a Singaporean. Last week, we took a trip down to Singapore for Cheng Beng. It’s a Chinese Memorial Day where families get together to pay their respects to the deceased. To my knowledge, there is a ritual to ‘somewhat’ comfort the soul of the deceased. It includes joystick lightings, food...
  8. Nixon Shock & Nasi Lemak

    Nixon Shock & Nasi Lemak
    By: Ian Tai Nasi Lemak for RM 15.90, anyone? Last week, I was strolling in a shopping mall with my dad. Both of us decided to have an early dinner as we were hungry. We walked to the nearest restaurant which sells local food. To my dad’s surprise, we found that a plate of Nasi Lemak is priced at RM...

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