Ahmed Razman Abdul Latiff

Dr. Razman, as he is commonly addressed by his MBA students, loves to read various genre of books but as he is getting busier lately, decided to focus only on graphic novels (no, they are not comics!). Blessed with a lovely wife and five kids, he somehow managed to find time to play football, watching movies, dueling Magic: The Gathering and collecting Lego figurines (for investment purposes, seriously).

  1. The Unnatural Nature of Fiat Money

    The Unnatural Nature of Fiat Money
    Imagine if you are doing this experiment; walk along the mall’s corridor while holding a packet of rice and approach the first shop assistant you see. Take out a piece of RM10 from your wallet and ask him or her which one is money; the rice or the RM10 note? Most of the time there is a good chance that...

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