Petaling Jaya, 11 Sept 2017 - Nubex Sdn Bhd, a legal producer and distributor of precious metals in Malaysia today introduces another special edition silver coin Virgo as a complement to special Zodiac Monsters coins offering that was launched since November last year. With the limited mintage of 3000 pieces, Nubex is a pioneer in the production of themed special edition coins in Malaysia with sales record to its last stock runs out in a matter of less than 30 minutes for every edition via their e-commerce site,

The pure silver coin Virgo collection comes weighing 3.11g, with a diameter of 25mm, alongside a certificate perfect to be kept as either as a unique collection or a thoughtful souvenir. The coin collection that features the personalities of Virgo is created using monster motifs enhancing ‘other’ perspectives to anyone born under this constellation. The coin is offered at a floating price between RM17-RM21 (subject to the daily spot price of silver in the market) for each unit.

“The average time taken for our Zodiac collection to run out to our final stock is 30 minutes. We are optimistic in producing this special edition coin monthly especially for coin collectors as well as those that are just starting to embrace their passion in gold and silver,” according to Bakhtiar Abd Majid, the Chief Executive Officer of Nubex Sdn. Bhd. To the present, there has been 9 Zodiac Monsters collections produced by this company, including its newest collection, Virgo.

Any information regarding the special Zodiac coin series can be found via its microsite, What’s interesting is that the buyer can include their name as well as their special reference number of their silver coin on this website as an online display as well as providing them with a facility to sell them back in the future.

For further information regarding other gold dinar and silver dirham coins, visit their online website at Follow Nubex’s social media accounts on Facebook and Instagram via @nubex_my to view their latest products and to know their latest updates.



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